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The Queen Mary and ParaXplorer Project welcome staff and students of Sage Hill School, Newport Beach, California.

School Spirit at the Queen Mary
NOT LONG AGO, paranormal obsessive students would have been handed a first class hall pass to the nurse's office. Today, classes are offered on the subject. ParaXplorers Erika and Matthew were honored to be asked to address the students of Newport Beach, California's Sage Hill Private School, and conduct a mini investigation aboard Long Beach, California's Queen Mary historic ship within the infamous first and third class swimming pool area and women's changing room as part of their course-ending field trip.

Sage Hill School's Dean of School Life and Instructor, forward-thinking Jon Poffenberger, shares the personal experience that prompted him to spearhead the course and gives us its official description provided to school faculty and paranormal curious students.

Sage Hill School, Newport Beach, California"Sage Hill School's Spring at Sage creates a transformative year-end experience for students. For approximately one week following final exams, Spring at Sage allows students of all grade levels to pursue their passions in an intensive seminar or project that nurtures leadership, creativity, risk-taking, and engagement with the world beyond the classroom." Poffenberger told PXP, "Personally, the reason I started this course two years ago, when Spring at Sage started, was because I have always been fascinated by the paranormal and have had some personal experiences over the years. The best experience was in 1999 when I witnessed a full body apparition walking through a cabin I was staying in, reaching out to touch my sleeping wife before disappearing. While researching the incident, I discovered that others that had used that cabin previously to my experience reported the same event without knowing why I was asking."

Exploring the Paranormal course description: Have you ever had the feeling you are being watched but no one is there? Have you heard strange noises or seen shadows in the dark that you can’t explain? Mr. Poffenberger will leverage his extensive research and experience with the paranormal and explore what “hunting ghosts” is really like and introduce you to the terminology and methods that world-class ghosts hunters use in their quests to debunk or catch the unexplained. Those who are brave enough may be invited to an alleged haunted location.

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ParaXploer audio/visual presentation.WHEN SAGE HILL SCHOOL Dean of School Life and Instructor, Jon Poffenberger, notified ParaXplorer Project that he developed a study course on the paranormal, ParaXplorers Erika and Matthew were pleasantly surprised. Though the team has worked with a San Diego County public charter school located on a haunted campus, structured courses offered in the world of youth academia is unheard of. When Poffenberger asked them to share their experiences of high strangeness and paranormal evidence to its students and lead an investigation aboard the Queen Mary, the team was honored. The education of youth whose main exposure to the paranormal is commonly paranormal entertainment found on television is a priority of the Project.

Sage Hill students investigating the Queen Mary's first and third class pool area. Spanning nearly two hours within the art deco flourished Mauretania conference room, Erika discussed what events brought her to become the ship's paranormal ambassador and late night tour hostess. She also shared with infatuated students spirits she has encountered aboard the landmark, how to use one's intuition on investigations, and demonstrated intuition-based ghost hunting tools.

Matthew took more a technical approach as he co-hosted with Erika an audio/visual presentation of unique investigations including the San Diego Whaley House and Iowa's Villisca Ax Murder House and haunting evidence captured. He also shared computer analysis of Electronic Voice Phenomenon [EVP] and technical tools of the trade.

After the presentation, the remainder of the evening was spent conducting a mini investigation of the ship's infamous first and third class swimming pool and womens changing room areas. This would the first formal investigation of a well known haunted location for all students. What an environment to make a debut!

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NO VISUAL EVIDENCE was captured during the evening, but there was a real-time happening that startled some. Twice during the Mauretania Room presentation, the loosely closed port side entry door was knocked upon and shaken. Both times, the presentation was stopped and attempts made to find a source of the interruption with no success. Was it ghostly interaction or an environmental-caused anomaly? We may never know other than it was not human caused.

Interesting possible Electronic Voice Phenomenon [EVP] and Electronic Noise Phenomenon [ENP] samples were captured. They can be reviewed below along with a recording of a port door interaction. Join us for a special Xspot for more information on EVP and ENP.

Sage Hill School/Queen Mary Child vocal EVP. EVP | Class B

While ParaXplorers Erika and Matthew give their presentation within the Mauretania Room, Erika gives a demonstration of divining rods, eventually handing them off to student volunteer, Grant, to try in front of the class. A young child vocal response can be heard after Erika prompts Grant to ask if John, a popular ghost aboard the ship, will follow the group to the pool area. Other than initial slight laughter, the students were attentive and quiet during this segment.

Sage Hill School/Queen Mary Whistle EVP EVP | Class A

After an initial walk-through in the first and third class swimming pool area, the students are gathered to make their way into the changing room. As the group approaches the entrance and and directly after Dean Poffenberger and Erika verbally direct the students, an anomalous, tuneful whistle can clearly be heard seemingly originating close to the digital recorder operated by Poffenberger. No one claims the whistled, no one remembers hearing the out-of-place sound and no one reacts to it. Of important note: Dean Poffenberger kept tight order within the group. If a student had made such an loud, intrusive sound within the intimate confines, the Project team feels he would have admonished the whistler.

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HELLO THIS IS KENDRA from Sage Hill School. You lead us on a chilling exploration during the Queen Mary visit (June 04, 2012). I wanted to thank you for answering our questions and helping us guide our way through the paranormal world. The presentation opened my eyes to legitimate experiences with the paranormal and gave me a broader idea of what was to be expected -- hopefully -- throughout the night. Your passion inspired me to become more involved in the super natural. Thank you so much for the experience.
Kendra H.

MY PEERS AND I from the Sage Hill School were very grateful that you gave us the opportunity to tour the haunted ship, Queen Mary. I was able to broaden my view of the spiritual world and have been less skeptical of the possibility of spirits interacting with us. The equipment you brought was amazing to use. Thank you so much!
Sidney L.

HELLO, I AM LENA from Sage Hill School. Thank you so much for taking your time to discover paranormal activity in the Queen Mary with us. I enjoyed your PowerPoint and the EVP recordings. To be honest, I didn't really believe them because I am really skeptical, but now looking back on the recordings our teacher recorded, I believe in yours now, too. I enjoyed your snazzy tools for investigating and I hope I can use them sometime soon when I hopefully attend one of your tours. Thank you very much; I had a night I can never forget especially with the slamming door.
Lena G.

I AM A STUDENT at Sage Hill School and was part of the group that visited the Queen Mary yesterday. I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to talk to us as a group thoroughly and showing us the pool area and the changing rooms. I went to the Queen Mary terrified because I did not have any idea of what to expect. The way you and Erika talked about the ghost hunting calmed me down and I had a great time there. I have to say that once the presentation started I was calm and curious more than anything else. I even got tagged! Thank you again for a great experience!
:: Hannah H.

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