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A Spririted Tantrum Fit Aboard the Queen Mary
A Spririted Tantrum Fit Aboard the Queen MaryGHOSTFEST EXPO is a semi-annual convention held aboard the Queen Mary historic ship in Long Beach, California that celebrates all topics paranormal. Guests from all across the nation converge to enjoy commentary from field experts that have included Ufologist Stanton Friedman and Coast to Coast AM's George Noory along with trekking through the most haunted quarters of the ship during special after dark paranormal investigation tours.

GhostFest Expo Aboard the Queen MaryParaXplorer Matthew had the opportunity to join a private investigation vigil within the infamous first and third class women's changing room during the Expo and enjoyed one of his most robust experiences of possible paranormal activity to date. Join him as he shares his experience and compelling audio evidence.

About the Queen Mary
A favorite haunt of ParaXplorers Project, the Queen Mary offers everything imaginable for a paranormal travel destination: A most unique structure with wonderful art deco architecture, a wild storied past, beautiful coastal setting, and most importantly, documented ghosts and strange phenomenon reported by visitors nearly on a daily basis.

Queen Mary Stateroom HallwayIf able, stay overnight in one of the original hand-crafted, wood-trimmed staterooms that welcome guests as hotel rooms -- and make sure you ask the front desk for a haunted room. The hotel staff regularly receives reports of possible paranormal oddities within rooms and are not shy directing the curious to active rooms. Weekend paranormal investigation tours of the ship are also available to everyone. Hosted by intuitive paranormal investigator and ParaXplorer, Erika Frost, her adventures take you deep into areas not accessible to the general public. Discover Jackie, the young spirit in the first and third class swimming pool, young sailor John making mischief near Engine Room Door Number 13 or the busy spirits occupying Boiler Room Number 2.

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The following experience was documented on digital audio and can be reviewed by following the evidence tab above.

THE EXPO OFFERED late night tours which are heavily attended and as expected were sold out. Matthew met up with regular Queen Mary investigator and friend to PXP, Jerry Reynolds, and Haunted Voices Radio special equipment developer Brian Simpson, and as a team, decided to pass on a public tour and take, how should it be put, a more stealth three amigos tour. Jerry helped with regular Friday night public paranormal investigation tours and knows the ship's inner layout and would act as our guide.

Armed with only digital audio recorders and a few pieces of experimental equipment, we spent hours investigating and conducting EVP sessions within the engine room, boiler room, and passageways probably not visited by the mortal kind for decades. Our last stop at approximately 1am found us inside the first and third class swimming pool womens changing room where the three investigators experienced a most impressive event.

The Queen Mary First and Third Class Pool Area: Now and Then
Queen Mary's first and third class swimming pool: Today and as seen in when the ship was in service.

The changing room
Under the first and third class swimming pool secondary staircase entrance is where the fabled women's changing room is located. It's a intimate hallway once offering 16 stalls, eight on either side, where lady passengers once showered and changed clothes. According to many visitors, it holds an imposing, unsettling feel, with some investigators claiming an energy vortex residing in its middle. A vortex, by those that support the theory, is a portal that allows spirits to travel between realms -- a doorway of sorts. This hasn't been proven of course, but occasional anomalous magnetic readings have been noted.

The Changing Room
The women's changing room labeled as to which booth the investigators sat in as the a bobby pin apparently was tossed.

The bobby pin
Jerry, Brian and Matthew sat toward the middle of the room's hallway, each in their our own stall. Jerry was at Matthew's left with Brian across. There are no lights in the room, so all sat in complete darkness. After 24 minutes of talking among themselves, simple silence, and calling out for activity, a loud 'ping' sound is heard in Brian's stall near his head.

After a few moments of discussion, a bobby pin was found near Brian's right leg. Matthew describes the sound heard as metallic and tinny. His thinking is that it sounded like a tight spring rapidly uncoiling and hitting a surface or the piece of an equipment case flinging-off. When the pin was found, it seemed to be the likely culprit. Where did it come from? How did it find its way tossed into Brian's stall, hitting the booth's wood panel covered wall?

The team took the bobby pin and threw it hard against Brian's wall and the resulting sound matched to their satisfaction. Upon further analysis, the pin had to been thrown from within the hallway at a sharp angle, possibly from the stall to the right of Matthew.

...but that was only half of the experience.

The f-word
While reviewing the incident on my recorder, I came across what sounded like the f-word expletive shouted during the period of time we tried to find the source of the sound. Such a word coming from the team would have been uncharacteristic. It was loudest on my recorder, making the source located in the same direction as the bobby pin throw.

After examining each investigator's recording, it was determined the word was indeed an EVP. All team member voices were accounted for and Todd Bates of Haunted Voices analyzed the recording and determined it was captured at 78.3Hz, well below the vocal frequency of a human male and obviously not matching any investigator's voice.

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The bobby pin found in Brian's stall. It was determined after research it shows no anomalous characteristics or age.
The bobby pin found in Brian's stall. It was determined after research it showed no anomalous characteristics.

Real Time | Spirit interaction

The bobby pin incident
The Queen Mary bobby pin throw incident
is one of the more robust investigation experiences ParaXplorer Project's founder, Matthew, has experienced. During a first class pool area changing room vigil with regular Queen Mary investigator, Gerald Reynolds, and Haunted Voices Radio Network special equipment developer, Brian Simpson, a simple hair bobby pin appeared to be thrown with great force into a stall occupied by Brian, barely missing him. As you listen to this unedited clip, an anomalous metallic sound can be heard at the 6 seconds mark. The group then chats in hushed tones as a security guard tests for unlocked area entry door. They find the bobby pin and an attempt to duplicate the sound is made. One note of interest: There is an explicit EVP word spoken at the 1:38 mark that is detailed in the next audio evidence entry.

EVP | Class A

Audio clip sequence

1 | Matthew's recording
2 | F-word isolated from Matthew's recording
3 | Gerald's recording
4 | Brian's recording

The f-word

As the group explores the source of the startling noise originating from Brian's stall, an EVP of the f-word is shouted close to Matthew's recorder. On first review, it was thought one of the investigators blurted it, with Matthew first being fingered. It would have been out of character by anyone in the group for this language during an EVP recording session is not approved of and the initial surprise the noise created was well over.

All three recordings were collected and a compilation clip made to compare each captured EVP's strength. One can hear Matthew speaking to Brian as the EVP occurs, taking them out of the equation. The EVP's strength is weaker on Gerald's recording than on Matthew's, making him innocent of the expletive and Brian's voice is too weak to be considered.

EVP specialist, Todd Bates of Haunted Voiced Radio, analyzed the recording and confirmed it is anomalous at the very least. The word in question was recorded at 87.3 hertz, well below the frequency of investigator's voice within the room.

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GhostFest Expo 3 participants

Haunted Voices Radio | GhostFest Expo 3 panel discussion Haunted Voices Radio | GhostFest Expo 3 panel discussion
After the Expo, radio talk show host, Todd Bates, created a panel of several investigators who attended to relate their experiences during the conference. Matthew relates his poll area experience, members of The Arizona Paranormal Research Society [TAZPS] discuss using experimental equipment and Todd even admits to some high strangeness while attending.

Todd Bates Haunted Voices GhostFest Expo 3 Panel Discussion

Xspot References

:: GhostFest Expo

:: Queen Mary historic ship

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